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So you have decided to enter the world of home education…now what do you do?

Before our family started to homeschool, I thought making the decision to homeschool was the most difficult decision I had to make, with regards to the education of our children. However, the tough questions came after my family actually delved into the world of home education. I was bombarded with questions from family, friends and even my own doubts. How would I know what my children were learning? What curriculum should I use? Should I use a curriculum? How much is this going to cost? Could I do this? Should I join some sort of support group? Will people think we are freaks? What should I make for dinner? Wait!! That last one is the ever present question in our house...but it really has nothing to do with homeschooling...or does it?

For our family, home education began as a way to maximize academics for our sons. As the years have passed, it became more of a lifestyle. Our family did not have set “school hours” or even “school days.” Our sons became accustomed to learning at all times of the day (and sometimes night) and throughout all seasons of the year. Our family took vacations at times when most children are in school. We had the opportunity to take those spur-of-the-moment trips to the local nature centers at very odd times.

Yet, if you speak with other homeschooling families, you will find that what every family does is a little bit different. The beauty of home education is the ability to tailor it to the child. The best advice I can pass on to my readers is the best advice I received: relax, read homeschooling books, magazines and websites; visit local support groups. Finally, remember that opinions offered are just that, opinions. Take what fits your family and toss the rest. Look through the rest of this site for some friendly suggestions for beginning this adventure: from books to information on the state law to online resources, there is an abundance of information here for you to review.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to email with any other questions you may have.

~Karen Hoogland
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